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Woodworking Tools

Powermatic 15HH 230-Volt 3 HP 1PH no DRO Planer

Model# 1791213

Specialty Power Tool Accessories

Powermatic PF-31 115-Volt 4-Speed 1HP 1PH Power Feeder

Model# 1790807K

Floor Cleaning Products

ZEP 3 lbs. Instant Spill Absorber

Model# ZUABS3

Woodworking Tool Accessories

Powermatic PM2014 13 in. Wood Lathe Bed Extension and Post

Model# 6294755

Specialty Power Tool Accessories

Powermatic 20 in. Extension Bed for 4224B

Model# 6294905

Woodworking Tools

Powermatic 220-Volt 2HP 1PH Lathe with Risers

Model# 1353001

Sharpening Tools

Powermatic PM2700 230-Volt 3HP 1PH SHAPER

Model# 1280100C

Tool Stands

Powermatic PM2014 Wood Lathe Stand

Model# 1792014S

Woodworking Tools

Powermatic PM2014 14 in. x 4 in. Wood Lathe

Model# 1792014