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Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers

Stalwart Power Bit and SAE Nut Driver Set (26-Piece)

Model# M550044

Hand Tool Sets

Stalwart 4.75 in. Spring Clamps Set (10-Piece)

Model# HW5590054


Hakko CHP 6-1/4 in. Long Nose Pliers

Model# PN-2005/P

Hand Tool Sets

Stalwart Steel Hand Tool Set (28-Piece)

Model# HW5500061

Specialty Hand Tools

Stalwart 50 lb. Pull Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool

Model# M550012

Cutting Tools

Stalwart 8 in. Mini Wire and Bolt Cutters

Model# HW5500053

Hand Tool Sets

Stalwart Home Pink Tool Kit (15-Piece)

Model# M550082


Hakko CHP 5-1/8 in. Micro Cutter

Model# TR-20-50-M/P