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Hand Tool Sets

Jameson 9-Piece 1000-Volt Insulated Screwdriver Set

Model# JT-KT-00010

Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers

Jameson 11/32 in. 1,000-Volt Insulated Nut Driver

Model# JT-ND-02332

Cutting Tools

RIDGID JobMax Jig Saw Head (Tool Only)

Model# R82234071B

Knives & Blades

RIDGID Backerboard Scoring Knife

Model# FT6011

Tool Accessories

RIDGID Backerboard Scoring Knife with Gel-Foam Knee Pads

Model# FT6011-FT7000

Cutting Tools

RIDGID S24 24 in. Heavy-Duty Bolt Cutter

Model# 14223

Tool Accessories

RIDGID 3 in. Chisel Edge Scraper

Model# FT5000